Do You Want A Cuddle

There's a new app called Cuddlr that's perfect for you if you like being hugged by strangers, and why not, I'm sure that means you're totally emotionally normal. It's a location-based social-meeting smartphone app just for cuddling. It's a great way to tell people you don't mind them putting their hands all over you and that somewhere on your person you have a smartphone. So good luck with the insurance claim.

Unlike apps such as Tinder that have gained something of a seedy reputation, with Cuddlr you select someone, tap on their photo and meet up for a cuddle but no sex. It has all the seediness, the covert parts, the judging people on their looks parts, just without the nice bit at the end.

There's also a function on the app where you can report someone if they act inappropriately. Oh no, that's horrible when someone does that, it's really upsetting. I bet you'd need a cuddle after that. See, that's how they get you hooked.

The app encourages you to hug any age or gender user, regardless of whether you find them attractive or not, and provides "gentle, no-pressure intimacy." I'm not sure I like this idea. I'm not a huggy person. It's because I tend to be a lot bigger than the kind of people who come up for a hug. I end up feeling like one of those big but simple kids who get through a lot of pet rabbits.

I suppose this app could be a good thing. Technology normally keeps us apart but this could help us regain some of that contact. In fact it could make it easier to have more contact than we used to. With this app you can find someone to hug in seconds, in the old days you had to put years of effort into becoming a Radio 1 DJ before you thought you could just grab a hold of anyone you worked near.

The best feature on the app is that the cuddles can be rated afterwards. That's like Trip Advisor on your hugging skills. No one wants a bad rating, that would be such an insult. And it's not like you could get cheered up after by someone giving you a hug, who's going to hug you, you scored 1 out of 5 on the hug-o-meter.

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