Hello Kitty Isn't A Girl. She's a Monster!

The world is a confusing place, good and evil on every side and nothing is ever black or white, it's the million shades of grey where reality plays out. I got that. I'd made my piece with that. But now I'm lost. Hello Kitty isn't a cat!

It was last week when we first heard reports that Japanese creator Sanrio said she wasn't a cat, she was a British schoolgirl who lived near London. So she's a British schoolgirl, with catlike ears, whiskers and paws, but she's not a cat. That means she is a hideously disfigured schoolgirl. What kind of genetic mutation would make this poor girl grow up with catlike features? I thought Godzilla was the character created to talk about the effects of Hiroshima, but now I think it's these pencil cases.

If you have a child who's a girl but develops cat ears, eyes and hands, maybe don't call her Hello Kitty. It's really drawing attention to the issue. That won't help her get on and live a normal life; it's more likely to turn her into a comic book villain.

It just goes to show that if you see someone who looks like a cat and even has Kitty in there name, don't judge. You don't know what they've been through.

So, just as life started to settle down again, in this strange new world where it's a London schoolgirl I have on my pencil case. I mean, on my manly tool case. (That didn't make it sound better, did it?) Now we hear that Hello Kitty isn't a girl either.

The creators have now confirmed that she is in fact a mixture of the two. A cat/human hybrid. OK, now I'm worried. Which parent is the human and which is the cat, because I'm not sure which is worse. I'm betting human mum and feline father. All of those single women who live alone with lots of cats, it was bound to happen.

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