Zombie Attack

A woman in America was arrested for breaking into a home and attacking a woman resident, while claiming she was playing a "zombie game".

Throw the book at her, lock her up, she's totally out of order. As if a zombie would break into a home. They're slow moving brainless creatures, a locked door would be a nightmare for one. OK, maybe they would smash through a window but only if they could smell brains.

She was charged with criminal mischief, assault, unlawful entry, harassment and attempted burglary. It must be terrible having someone who's like a zombie break into your house but in some ways they should take it as a compliment because it implies you have such a big brain you are tasty. In a world where most compliments are about looks it's nice to know someone wants you for your brains.

Apparently when she broke in she said to the occupant that she was part of a zombie game, which is totally breaking character.

I'm not a legal expert but if someone is on your property and they claim to be a zombie you're allowed to shoot them in the head. Maybe check that before you do though.

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