Why Are You So Sad?

A new study has found that women spend 10 days a year in a grumpy mood. And after that first 10 days they asked the guy doing the study to stop following them round and then they cheered up?

It's actually the equivalent of 10 days broken up throughout the year, which in many ways is worse. It would be so good if you could get all your mood over and done with in a couple of weeks and then have a happy 11 and a half months.

The survey found that the causes of this moodiness include bad weather. If you live in the UK and you're only upset with the weather of 10 days you're pretty easily pleased.

The research also says "men who don't listen" were among the most common triggers of a grump. But the same research found that 68% of men admitted they zone out when their wife or girlfriend was feeling low. So the mood caused by not being listen to makes the man less likely to listen and the whole thing spirals out of control. The only person who can fix this is the man. Just "man-up" and listen to your partner and what she wants to say. I know that when you're in a good mood the last thing you want is the moanings of a grumpy person bringing you down, but you have to realise, that's what they want. When you're in a bad mood and you see someone who's not you have to spread it. As soon as you see that chipper person start to feel worse, somehow you perk up a bit.

The study looked at 1,000 women and 1,000 men found that a woman spends nearly five hours in a strop in a typical week, the men in their lives insisted it is actually closer to eight hours. The same gender related rounding error that gives you "6-inches".

In terms of cures for a mood, the most popular solution for women was spending "time alone", which if that can solve the problem of not being listen to you're a genius. But in some ways that's a good result. It shows that people realise no one other the themselves can be in charge of their mood. It's good to face up to that and take control.

Others in the survey listed shopping or exercise as a way of lifting the five hours of mood. That's information that you cannot use. As a man, if your partner says she's feeling down and you say that maybe doing some exercise might help, I think we know where that extra three hours comes from.

The study also looked at how long men spend feeling down and the things that trigger those moods, but that didn't get mentioned in the newspaper because no one seems to care about that.

But yeah, it must be terrible to not be listened to, eh?

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