What Do Men Want

Have you ever stopped to ask, what do men look for in a woman? No, neither have I, and I'm a man, so I have some skin in this game (that's probably one of the things I want to be honest).

A new survey has looked at that very issue. It turns out that 40% of men don't like a woman who wears too much make up. Forget wearing a fake engagement ring when you don't want to be hit on, before you go out for a girls' night on the town get a make-over at the Boots counter.

Apparently we men like the more natural look. Wow, imagine that. We somehow evolved to be attracted to our own species. Go figure. Yes, the bright red lipstick, false eyelashes and thick eyebrows style were listed as a major turn-off. The trouble is that sometimes that gives the person the "sex doll" look, and if you're trying to attract a man who has a thing for sex dolls, well, he's probably already got his ideal partner. You're certainly not going to meet him in a nightclub. Maybe in the bike repair shop.

Other stats from this research include the fact that the average woman applies make up 1,460 times a year. Wow. That one shocks me. There are only 365 days in the year. That's 4 times a day. Assuming 8 hours of sleep that's putting on make-up every 4 hours. Strewth! If make up ran out would your own families recognise you?

But before we start to judge people for wearing too much, let's bring in some emotion so we have to feel sorry for people: 28% of women say they lack confidence without make-up. That's upsetting, and makes me remember what I used to say to an ex who was worried about such issues. I'd say, "Don't think like that. Don't fall for a system that's in place just to get you to buy more make up. Don't let the media tell you you have to look a certain way."

I'd also say, "You are who you are on the inside, it's not about make up, it's about the real you and anyone who knows you can see that no matter what."

And then I'd say, "So please, please... can I get in the flippin' bathroom."

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