Baby Born On The Underground

To Mexico City, Mexico (you guessed the last bit, right) where a woman has given birth on the Underground system. Staff and police helped her, everything is fine and the baby boy has been given free travel on the Mexico City underground for life.

What a beautiful story. But let's just compare it to what would happen if someone popped a sprog on the London Underground system.

Firstly, if someone started going into labour on the Tube, I'm not sure people would help, but they'd certainly offer some tuts because she's not keeping the noise down.

As soon as the baby is born she'd be entitled to sit in the "person with children" seat, but some skillful avoiding of eye contact could sort that. Thanks Metro, you make not looking at anyone on the Tube so much easier. You're worth every penny.

And as for the free travel for life for the baby, not a chance. In fact, seeing as the baby could "tap out" with an Oyster card but didn't "tap in", it would have to pay the full zone 6 ticket cost.

It looks like the London Underground system is bad, but they have the right idea. We shouldn't be rewarding mothers for giving birth on a platform. In a recession, expectant mums will be hanging around in stations hoping to get their babies free travel. Women would be riding on the Circle line just going round and round.

Heck, it's already started. I saw a couple trying to conceive on the Central line a few months back. I assume they were doing it for the free tickets. They were at it a long while, Marble Arch to Mile End. Wow. If I'm honest, I'm jealous. I'd probably just do it on the Waterloo & City line.

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