Would You Rather? Justin Bieber?

Nearly a third of people would rather do housework or go to a Justin Bieber concert that do physical exercise, according to what I can only assume was a badly worded survey.

Do these people realise it's not and either or? If Bieber has managed to convince people he's the only alternative to the gym no wonder he's the biggest celeb in the world. He's be as popular as obesity, and that's doing very well these days.

Maybe that's why he didn't get too many complaints when he was two hours late to start his shows. People were thinking, "Well, this is annoying but it's two hours where I haven't have to try and work out while no-necked guys make me feel bad."

The same survey asked people who often they exercised. 32% said once a month. That's an awful lot of going to see Justin. Seeing him once a month.

But let's not forget there was another option. Doing housework. I could just do a bit of housework and save myself from the gym and JB? Brill. And it explains why teenagers have such messy rooms. That's science.

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