Princess Kate Has Best Pregnant Hair - FACT

My favourite headline of the day, from the Express...

"The Duchess of Cambridge claims top spot in favourite pregnant celebrity hairstyle poll"

Wow. Who knew they did a poll of people's favourite hairstyles of pregnant celebrities? That gets to the bottom of the issues that everyone's talking about.

I tried to make my own list of favourite pregnant celebrity hairstyles after reading this. I was a list of only one person because I couldn't think of more. And the only reason there was one on the list was because I'd just read about Kate Middleton.

It's Fabriah.com that surveyed 350 women about who had the best hair while pregnant. I've read the rest of the survey and it includes people like Halle Berry and Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays.

Sadly it let me down. I was hoping that somewhere in the results would be a celebrity with nice hair but who isn't actually pregnant, they've just got fat lately. Shame.

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