Men KOd By Toilet Fumes

Another headline that caught my eye tells of "Men Overcome by 'Dangerous' Toilet Fumes". Let's be honest, we've all had that. And I don't just mean from something you ate. Forget to flush after you've put bleach down, go for gold and you can make chlorine gas. That's either real science or something I dreamed once. Either way, it's a worry.

The two men were taken to hospital and their building evacuated. Wow. Talk about, "I'd give it a minute if I were you." I've cleared a room before, but never a building.

The men, believed to be in their 60s, suffered breathing difficulties after sulphuric acid had been mixed with toilet clearer in the bowl, creating a dangerous gas.

Forget the gas, why were they pouring H2SO4 down the lav? How bad were the skids that a di-basic acid was needed? So many questions in this story, none of which I want answered.

It ends OK though. The East of England Ambulance Service said the men were treated and stabilised before being taken to Southend Hospital. And hopefully prescribed some fibre.

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