Film Review: Star Trek - Into Darkness

Due to the nature of this film, talking about what's good about it in a review could give away too much info, it would be a spoiler. So I am going to do two reviews, one without spoilers and one with. If you've not seen the film yet, here is a review without spoilers. (The one with is much lower down on the page – don't peek.)

No Spoilers

The new Star Trek film is amazing. That bit where that bloke did that thing. And Spock did that thing I can't tell you about. And when Kirk says something that relates to the thing from the other film, and you're like, "Oh my god, he's going to do..."

OK, without spoilers, this isn't easy.

Maybe it's just my former past as a total nerd, but it catered for my need to see something that both fits in with the past Star Trek TV shows and films, but because of the little trick JJ Abrams pulled in the first of his film reboots by having it in an alternate time-line, it's way more than a simple rehash of old stories.

Chris Pine is less Shatneresque in this on, Zachary Quinto's is still a joy to watch, if a little more emotional than we're used to. He's be the star of the film if it wasn't for Benedict Cumberbatch as the new bad guy. From the first words Benny utters you can feel the power of the performance.

For a second it felt like it was falling into the trap of so many films, of dragging the ending out too long (yes, Django, I'm looking at you) but it pulls it off.

There is definitely a chance that the non-Trekkie may suffer. The beauty of this film comes from the connections to the memories of the previous stories it links to. It is a risk, but less of a risk than it would be with any other franchise, as there's a strong chance that most of the people who go to see it are fans of Star Trek.

And Now The Spoilers Review

OMG, early on when we hear Spock saying, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," it starts to tickle the Trekkie genes. How little did I know. When Kirk goes into a radioactive chamber while Spock is outside, powerless to help, it's a perfect symmetry.

There's one spoiler that most people could've guessed. Even in the trailer we see a man doing things that only an enhanced human can do, so when we find out the real name of the bad guy it's not a surprise.

There's a moment when Spock is chasing Khan, no, an angry Spock is chasing Khan, that feels like the moment in the Star Trek universe that we've all been waiting for.

After seeing the film I recorded this...



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