Love On The Underground

To Prague, where there are plans to run an underground train for people to try and find someone to pull. It's a special "love train". Or if you're the kind of perv who enjoys rubbing your crotch into the person in front of you during rush hour, it's just like every other train.

The plan is to have a special section on some trains where single commuters will go and potentially find a partner while travelling. You'll be able to tell which carriage it is as there will be a sign, and it'll just be full of fat businessmen.

I hope the rules are enforced. If you get on there with a wedding ring you should get tutted at like someone using a mobile phone in the quiet carriage.

Some people don't like the idea. One male passenger said: "When I'm in a rush, I enter the first open door I see. I should watch out now and make sure no one starts seducing me." Don't worry, take it from me, you get used to it.

Still, it's nice to know you can meet someone and get off a few minutes later.

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