Phones or Sex?

According to a new survey 94% of Brits would rather live without sex than their mobile phone.

Hmm, an interesting dilemma. Well, I pay monthly for it so I wouldn't want to be without it... so I'd keep the sex.

Kidding! I don't pay monthly for sex. That's more of a pay as you go deal.

I guess it makes sense. I'd be better at going without sex than my phone because I have put the practice in. Since Motorola brought out their brick I've always had a phone. During the same time I haven't always had sex. In many ways using a mobile is better than sex. Although you'll get tutted at if you do either in a train's quiet carriage.

Also in the survey 9% admitted they preferred their mobile phones to their children. If you would've stuck to your phones instead of having sex in the first place you wouldn't be having these regrets now.

Thankfully this is all theoretical. You don't actually have to pick between your phone and having sex. In fact, put it on vibrate and you're well on your way to having both at once. You can always try "sexting". I did that the other day. It's great. It's the only way I can get those PPI people to leave me alone.

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