Footballers Are Intelligent

Swedish researchers have concluded that professional footballers are considerably more intelligent than they are given credit for.

I suppose they would have to be. If they were actually less intelligent than they are given credit for their IQ would be a negative number.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute In Stockholm analysed the cognitive performance of footballers in Sweden's top flight as well as a lower league and concluded that the players who scored most highly in the test tended to score the most goals.

If scoring goals is linked to intelligence then, firstly it's bad news for Peter Crouch, and secondly maybe that Prof. Stephen Hawkin isn't all he's cracked up to be.

The measure the scientists used was broader than IQ, taking into account the players' creativity, cognitive flexibility, working memory and processing speed.

It also means I'm taking my TV back. If footballers are actually clever the only explanation for the badly stung together answers they give in the post-match interviews must be dodgy wiring in my speakers.

This is shocking news. It's saying Ryan Giggs is smart. I thought the idea of having an affair with your own sister-in-law was a stupid move but maybe it shows a level of strategic planning I'm just too stupid to understand. I suppose, as long as he sticks to only using a title and surname in bed, when he shouts out "Ooooh, Mrs Giggs", he'll never get caught using the wrong name.

It's amazing to think that scoring goals means footballers are intelligent, but what does it mean about this...

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