Home Office Website Hacked

The Home Office website was apparently targeted by the hackers. Computer hackers. It wasn't just some big rugby players dancing in front of you while you're trying to log on. This was a coordinated cyber attack.

The hacking group, called "Anonymous", is alleged to have disrupted access to the Home Office website, apparently in protest at government policies.

When it comes to web attacks that group is nasty. But when it comes to witty quotes they have done some great work.

It's strange to think that the Anonymous group do this. They started out as Alcoholics Anonymous and now they have stopped drinking they have a lot of spare time on their hands.

The website became inaccessible at about 21:00 BST on Saturday; a message blamed "high volume of traffic". Straight away we knew something was wrong because why would anyone go to that boring site, let alone a high volume of people. And at 21:00 Britain's Got Talent was on, no one in the UK was doing anything then.

Some news sources say the attack was a protest at the extradition of three UK citizens to the US. Recently we have been sending so many criminals to the US it's making Australia jealous.

And some news sources are saying the attack happened because of the Government plans for great surveillance of our web habits. They will be able to track everything you do on the web. I think that's great. It means at least one person will read this site.

We're already tracked on the web all the time. Every time you log into YouTube they make suggestions based on recent videos you've watched. I logged on recently and it suggested a video of a cat that had just had a bath. Anyone looking over my shoulder would've thought I like cute videos.

You don't want to know what keywords Google had noticed I search for.

There were also claims on Twitter that the 10 Downing Street website had been targeted as part of the same protest.

I won't tell you what I Googled to get to the 10 Downing Street site, but other results included "The world's tallest man named Richard".

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