1 in 8 Women Attractive

Bad news for women. According to a new poll just one in eight women consider themselves attractive.

That's terrible. Just one in eight think they're attractive. Pressure that the media puts on women messes up their minds and gives them the wrong opinion of what is beautiful about them. Come on ladies, there's no way just one in eight women should think that. At least three out of eight of you are attractive.

I'm kidding, eight out of eight (give or take) are beautiful, but why is it so bad that only one in eight says they feel it? If someone asks you if you think you're attractive you'd say no. It's the only way to not come across as a right stuck up cow. Even faked modesty is better than no modesty.

The question isn't why do seven out of eight women say they're not attractive, the questions is who does this remaining woman think she is? The answer is probably Samantha Brick.

And it's hard to feel attractive because you know too much about yourself. You see others looking their best but you see yourself first thing in the morning when you've still got creases in your face from the pillow. I fell asleep on a corduroy cushion once and woke up thinking I had a disease.

The survey also found that one-in-four women were unable to remember when they last received a compliment that made them feel beautiful.

So, what have we learned from this? 75% of women get told they're beautiful but only 12.5% believe it.

Bad news for men: 62.5% of women don't listen to a word we say.

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