Food Bank Use On The Up

Here's a depressing story. About 6,000 people in Scotland used food banks last year. The popularity of food banks really worries me. On one level it's a sign that our society is suffering and this recession is having a terrible cost.

But more worryingly, if the food banks become too successful they'll be bought out by big business. They'll get to the point where they are too big to fail. During the food boom years we won't notice but these food banks will be offering the people on the bread-line meals that they just can't afford. Caviar, lobster thermidor, anything from a motorway service station. It won't last though, and soon people will have over-reached.

If the food banks collapse people will starve, so the Government will have to step in and bail out the food banks, probably by lending them cups of sugar and such. There will be a push to change the rules so that food banks have to keep more food stored up ready for such crises. Tinned goods, mainly.

Tax payers' money will be spent on these food banks while the bosses award themselves big lunches.

The people who run these food banks will take risks with the food, like trying Jamie Oliver recipes, without being subject to the consequences if it fails. Why not? It happened with normal banks like that.

They can take what we have, do whatever they like with it and if it all goes wrong we are the ones who have to mop up their mess.

And that is also why I don't use sperm banks these days.

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