Man In China Shows How To Pull

A man in China pulled a 1.6-ton car with his eye sockets.

And I bet people just drove past and didn't even offer to help.

Why is pulling a car with your eyes even a useful skill? If you have to pull your car and you have both hands full, put something down! Get a friend to hold your coffee while you pull your 1.6-ton of car, you know it makes sense.

Yang Guanghe has a history of pulling heavy objects with his eye sockets and eyelids. At least with weight lifting you gain the useful ability to be strong. What's Yang getting out of this, other than he's really good at hanging on to his contact lenses?

The man from Anshun, in the Guizhou Province of China, revealed that his task was painful to begin with, but that he became used to the discomfort.

I don't feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for whoever was behind Yang's car in traffic.

During one performance in 2010 he put four lit light bulbs on a table before placing a board on top with two sharp knives on it, blades pointing up of course. He then stood on the sharpened blades with his bare feet, attached two hooks to his lower eyelids from which he hung two buckets of water, before rounding off his routine by playing the flute in the precarious position.

Any yet Britain's Got Talent this week will probably have yet another street dance act. Oh, the national shame.

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