BGT - In Defence Of Pudsey

It is official, the most talented person in the UK is not even a person. Pudsey the dog won Britain's Got Talent. Some people have mocked the outcome but I think it was great.

Finally, thanks to this TV show, we can put to rest the age old debate, "Which is better, dogs or cats?"

Have cats ever won a talent show? No. Their piano playing is popular on YouTube but this is prime time TV, darling. It's show biz.

I always knew dogs were better than cats. The evidence was there. Dogs have a sexual position named after them. Have you ever heard of doing it in the catty position? What would that be? A bit like missionary but the woman keeps talking about how bad the women she works with are?

Pudsey danced with his owner Ashleigh and impressed the nation so much they beat Jonathan and Charlotte into second place.

They wouldn't have got that far if Pudsey was a cat. Ashleigh would still have danced on stage but the cat would be sat on a shelf looking down with a face that said, "What is that prick doing?"

It was also a great victory as it taught us a lot about the UK. During the competition people were getting upset and French and Turkish entrants, and they were saying, "It's called BRITAIN'S Got Talent, you can't win it if you ain't British." And then they voted for something that's not even human.

Some people have said that the dog really isn't talented, but he would just perform for food. He hasn't developed an act for any artistic reason, he's just willing to do things on the show because he thinks he can get something to eat out of it.

Come on, that's not fair. Haven't you seen who came second?

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P.S. Here is the video of the dog's act.


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