Stand Up For The Tories

The Daily Mails says "Now Stand Up For Tory Values".

I read that wrong the first time. It means stand up as in "come out in support of". And that makes sense for the Daily Mail to say that.

The is because David Cameron is having a bad time of it after the Conservatives lost lots of seats local elections. I've never understood that about elections. People have to stand to get a seat.

It's mid term blues, a time when the voters can tell the Government what they think of their success so far. And with things like lowering tax for rich people but upping tax for pasty eaters, it's no wonder the voters weren't happy.

But when I first read the headline I thought it was "stand up" for Tory values, as if they were asking people to do stand up to help them out.

I think that's a great idea. We should get David Cameron doing some hack stand up material on stage. "Hey, what's the deal with benefits, eh? It's like, that film, 'Friends With Benefits'. I watched it and Mila Kunis just spent all day watching Jeremy Kyle on ITV2 before signing on. And have you ever noticed how people on benefits are always getting pregnant. That's the only way anyone will go into Labour these days, am I right?"

It may seem like a silly ideal to have a high-profile Tory politician doing crappy jokes, but hey, it clearly worked for Boris.


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