Prince Philip's Red Dress Boob

I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress!Here's a question: What's Greek, in trouble and in the news? Nope, it's not their crappy economy. It's good old Prince Philip. He's done it again. He spotted a woman wearing a dress with a zip up the front and he said to a nearby policeman: "I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress!"

That's what I read in the newspaper. I didn't hear it on TV, but I'd like to think his inflection went up at the end of the sentence, so it was more of a question. "I would get arrested if I unzipped that dress?" It's better that he checked first instead of just doing it.

But let's be honest, no one got hurt by this, and no one could. He's 90. Like he could work any zip at his age.

Philip was on a Diamond Jubilee Tour walkabout with the Queen when he spotted council worker Hannah Jackson's bright red frock. When asked about the remark, she replied: "I'm not sure what to say." The council would not comment but a fellow worker said Hannah took the afternoon off.

She got an afternoon off! Can I get Phil to say something about my button-up jeans, cos I'd love some R&R?

We don't know that she was, but if Hannah was truly offended I hope she's OK and that it hasn't upset her too much. I hope she had a nice afternoon off. And I really pray to god that, as she went home, she didn't walk past any builders.

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