Man Marries Twins

In America, a man has married two women, who are twins.

Now that just seems wasteful. If you're going to be a bigamist, at least get some variety. It's like the people who say, "If I could have my time over again I wouldn't change a thing." Really? You'd do exactly the same instead of seeing what else is possible in this vast world?

Maybe I shouldn't judge because I have done something similar myself. I once bought a shirt that I liked so much I went back to the shop and got an identical one. But that was because I wanted to have a spare in case I ripped the first one. I'd hope that wasn't his plan with wives. I also found it useful that I could use one while the other one was being washed. OK, that could work for wives too.

And I would hope that he doesn't sleep with both wives at the same time. Some men say that sleeping with twins is a fantasy but surely it would feel wrong. You'd be thinking, "These twins are sisters, so this is incest." And again, the lack of variety is an issue. If you get the chance to sleep with two women at once why have the second one identical to the first?

There's still more oddness to this story. Not only is he married to the twins he is also in a polygamous marriage with the twins' cousin.

Wow. He's going through that family like Huntington's.

The family is fundamentalist Mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah, and in their religion "all three women are equally married" to their common husband. The man married one of the twins and their cousin in 1990. He married the other twin in 2000.

So in three years one twin will get silver for her anniversary and the other will get crystal. See how equal they feel then.

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