Great Balls Of Fire

Great Balls Of FireA man in Madrid has survived being struck my lightning... in the scrotum.

Ouch! But look on the bright side, lightning never strikes twice, so his nads should be fine from here on.

This 53-year-old man survived being struck by lightning in the scrotum while walking down a street in Madrid.

You have to feel sorry for him. He gets thousands of volts into his tackle... and he lives in Spain, with the Eurozone's highest unemployment.

I think his age might explain it. In your 50s they hang so near the ground they are good at earthing things.

According to Spain's El Mondo newspaper, the unnamed man lost consciousness after being struck by lightning in the groin, with the bolt travelling down his leg and striking the ground.

Unnamed? If his tackle attracts lightning we'll just call him Rod.

His son called paramedics who took him to Madrid's Hospital de la Paz where tests showed his heart and brain functions were not affected by the lightning strike.

Forget about the heart and brain, what we all want to know is, "When he has sex is it normal or does he come like Raiden from Mortal Kombat's special move?"

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