Olympic Defences Sound Shocking

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a "sonic weapon" will be deployed in London during the Olympics. Is it SuBo? It's SuBo isn't it? Yeah, SuBo.

Apparently it's an American-made Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) that can be used to send verbal warnings over a long distance or emit a beam of pain-inducing tones.

Hmm, something that emits pain-inducing tones over London. Will it have Neil Fox as the host?

An MoD spokesman said it would be used "primarily in the loud hailer mode", but it this device has the ability to produce a deafening 150 decibels. In case you don't realise how loud that is, 90 decibels is the noise a jumbo jet makes when it takes off, and 120 decibels is the sound of a baby sat next to you in a coffee shop while you're trying to read.

It's not the only defence they could be using. Earlier this week we heard they will have surface to air missiles ready to defend the Olympic games. I just hope, if they have to launch one, it goes off during the javelin event, because for those sat at the right angle that's going to look amazing.

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