1D's Louis Has Naked Man In His Room

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson was woken in a hotel room at 5am by a naked man trying to get in.

He did what he always does when that happens, he shouted: "This isn't your room Mr Walsh."

Worried Master Tomlinson peered through his door's spy-hole after hearing a noise and was alarmed to see a naked man in the corridor. I bet he thought, "I don't remember ordering that on room service." This was in Sweden, so there's a chance it was complimentary with the hotel.

Apparently it turned out to be a drunk member of the public looking for a toilet. I've had some upset stomachs in my time but I've never had to strip naked before looking for the loo.

And that's a bit harsh. Some drunk guy asks for directions to the shitter and they think he means Louis. He might not be the best member of the band but still.

A source said: "Louis heard the noise because he wasn't sleeping well with jet-lag and at first he thought it would be another fan who had sneaked past minders."

And yet we have never heard the stories of naked young girls who get into his room. I guess he doesn't bother calling security when that happens.

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