There's A Party In My Pants, And The Queen Is Invited

To mark the Jubilee year Marks & Spencer are releasing vintage underwear.

I love it when this happens. I'm already ahead of the trend and fashion is now catching up with me. I have been wearing vintage underwear since... well, I bought it.

Their new lingerie line has been inspired by the 1950s — the decade when Her Majesty ascended the throne. According to Wikipedia, in the 1950s "the Cold War developed". So I'd imagine the underwear inspired by this era should be thermal.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to celebrate a Jubilee. I've been invited to a few street parties, and if I turn up wearing this I'm sure my neighbours won't think, "What a royalist this man must be."

In the old days this type of undergarment was available in just three sizes, — small, medium and large. Now more than 44 sizes are available.

It shows how ladies' fashion has come further than men's. We still buy our pants in small, medium and large. Although I'm trying to get those renamed, "tall, grande and venti" like in Starbucks.

Tall will make the small people feel better. Grande makes it sound like you're big in the pant region, and venti means 20. You can work out why that sounds good on your own.

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