I Can Spit You Thin

Obvious headline of the day: "Lizard Spit Shown To Reduce Food Cravings".

Yep. I'd go a step further actually. If any animal spits of your food I bet it puts you right off it. Finally, a cure to the obesity epidemic. All we need to do it get lizards to flob on fat people's dinners.

Thankfully, it's a new drug made from the saliva of the Gila monster lizard that has been tested. It was found to reduce cravings for food.

If that's the case, who don't all the Gila monster lizards die of starvation? Answer that, Darwin.

This is good news as the experts say most diets fail because of food cravings. They say I works because the drug affects the reward and motivation regions of the brain. Another hypothesis by the researchers is that the same drug could be used to reduce the craving for alcohol.

If this drug can stop people doing things because they're obsessed by the rewards, we should give it to city bankers. And then they won't cry when they don't get millions in bonuses.

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