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No 10 guide to changing nappies and baby talkThe Telegraph says: "No 10 guide to changing nappies and baby talk". The news is that new parents will be given government advice on changing nappies, breastfeeding and "baby talk" under a multi-million pound initiative to support family life.

Why would you take Government advice on changing nappies? They can't even sort out their own shit.

And advice on baby talk? If I wanted to learn how to just make noise when I speak without actually saying anything at all I'd... oh yeah, I would ask a politician. I'll give them that one.

A £3.4million digital information service, which begins today, will provide free email alerts and text messages with NHS advice "on everything from teething to tantrums", Mr Cameron said.

Remember when people used to attack Labour for running a "nanny state"? Well, David Cameron is turning the state into an actual nanny. The next thing a civil servant will pop round to wet nurse.

David Cameron said it was "ludicrous" that parents received more training in how to drive a car than in how to raise children.
Although, to be fair, I'd rather someone's child walks into me than they drive their 4x4 at me. Maybe I'm just odd that way.

I actually hope this works though, and that new parents benefit from it, getting the help and reassurance they need. The Government is also launching separate pilot schemes that will offer couples with young children free parenting classes and subsidised relationship counselling to help cope with "tiredness" and "mess".

Hmm. Baby advice from the Government is one thing, but relationship advice? When a baby is born, often the father can feel like he is side-lined as all the focus is on the mum and he has little say in things. If they're making a booklet to help new dads I hope they get Nick Clegg to write it.

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