Octomom Does Dallas

The 'Octomum' is going to star in a porn film to pay off her debts.

That wouldn't happen over here. With child benefit she'd be pulling in a good wage. She doesn't just have the 8 from the most recent "litter", she already had 6 kids before. 14 kids should get you quite a bit of child benefit, or at the very least leaves you plenty of spares if you sell one.

Nadya Suleman has agreed to do the dirty movie to help pay off debts of more than £600,000. Surely it can't pay it all off though. £600,000 for a film with a woman who's had 14 children in total. I don't want to be graphic, but I'm going to. It would be less like watching a penis in a vagina and more like watching a woman's thin arm trying to find her keys in the bottom of her big leather handbag.*

Nadya filed for bankruptcy after failing to pay debts including her mortgage, power bills and money owed to a Christian school. Can't pay for your children's Christian education? Better do porn then, and see what lessons they learn from that.

The Octomum posed topless in a magazine for £3,800 this year, but had vowed not to appear in adult films. But after facing having her house sold off, she said: "I'm going to eat my words."

I've seen these kinds of films before. It won't be words they ask you to... you know what, never mind, you'll find out.

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* I know, she had a caesarean, so it'll be more like trying to find a lip balm in a side pocket of a zipped up leather handbag.


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