Man Holds Up A Shop With His Pants

A man wearing a pair of underpants on his head as a mask allegedly robbed an Idaho coffee shop.

I'd like to think he just go confused while getting dressed that morning. He had pants on his head but a Ronald Reagan mask in his pants.

Wearing your pants on your head can't be enjoyable. Normally robbers wear tights on their head, and who doesn't enjoy doing that? But I know what it's like as I wore my undies on my head as part of a fancy dress thing once. I went as a city banker. People would say, ""Why are you wearing those pants?" And I'd say, "It's because I'm an arse!"

Police in southwest Idaho say a man chose briefs over boxers to wear on his head as he held up a coffee shop and stole a safe.

Oh, so he was a cracker in the pants. It's making more sense now.

Coffee shop owner Jason Wilson said he believes the man was likely not prepared when he entered Big Star Coffee in Fruitland with an accomplice.

So... they weren't pants especially brought along. They were... being worn just before the robbery?!?

I don't know how much he got but he probably earned every penny of it.

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