The Voice's Ratings Gone Bust

The UK is recovering from local elections. In France Fran├žois Hollande, or to give him his full name, Fran├žois Hollande Dix Points, is the new president. He beat Nicolas Sarkozy which means he has some pretty small shoes to fill. Small, but with built up heels.

While all of this is going off in the world the front page of The Daily Star says: "Holly In Sex Trick Storm".

This is about the TV show The Voice. I watched it and I didn't see Holly Willoughby having sex. Maybe that's something she does if you press the red button.

The newspaper claims that, in the battle to win the ratings war with Britain's Got Talent, Holly Willoughby breasts were put on display. That can't be true. If a cleavage is all you need to get big ratings The Voice and Britain's Got Talent would rate lower than Babestation and re-runs of Ground Force.

The whole point of the TV show The Voice is meant to be that the only thing that matters is the singers voice, not their looks, and the only thing the newspaper has to say about the show is, "Looks at the tits on that."

Although, to be fair, that was the same comment some people on Twitter were saying about Planet Earth Live when they saw Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury were the hosts.

The newspaper said: "The babe became renowned for her plunging necklines when she hosted rival station ITV1’s prime-time skating show Dancing On Ice."

So it won't be as good on The Voice. It's the cold ambient temperature that made it look like she was happy to be there.

This story just goes to show how sexiest the media is. Holly wears a top that shows off a little bit of cleavage and it is turned into front page news. Meanwhile on Britain's Got Talent was Simon Cowell, a man who leaves so many buttons on his shirts undone I'm starting to think he's got arthritis, and no one says a thing. Hey, moobs have feelins too.


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