Me And Deborah Meaden On The Recession [Interview]

Today we got the news that the UK is back in recession. We have had two quarters of negative growth. I don't really understand all these terms. I needed a pen and paper to work out that two quarters are a half, and negative growth means shrinking. So we have had a shrunken half.

But today, I got to speak to someone who actually knows about the world of business. I was at the première of the new film African Cats, and on the red carpet was Deborah Meaden from Dragon's Den and I we got to speaking about the recession and, for some reason, drying yourself after a shower.

Have a listen to what happened.

(Reading this in the e-newsletter? Get the audio here.)

You can hear the rest of who I met on the red carpet when I'm on the Sunny and Shay Show on BBC London. I'll tweet details of when I'm on soon.


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