Genital Lightening Cream On Sale

From the Daily Mail: "A feminine hygiene product launched in India which promises to 'brighten' skin around the vagina is causing widespread controversy."

Firstly, "widespread" seems like an unkind word given the topic. And secondly, what?

The ad for Clean & Dry Intimate Wash shows a woman who uses the product to lighten her sexual organs to please her man. When I first read this I thought "lighten" was going to be like a smokers' toothpaste, just removing some of the stains that build up from every day use.

It turns out it's a skin lightening product and the ad is saying men prefer women with lighter foo-foos.

Surely that's not realistic. No man has ever spent an evening with a woman, chatting and flirting, and then finally got her into bed and said, "Hang on! That clump looks a little dark. I'm out of here."

And no man has ever thought, "It's not really working out between me and my new girlfriend. We don't have anything in common, she has habits that annoy me... but, manalive! That bifta is so light. It's like she sat on Tippex! I'll marry her!"

The advertising strapline for the product is: 'Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner and more importantly fairer and more intimate.'

Fairer? Yep, because with a bleached clunge you will no longer get paid on average 16% less for the same job. Actually, maybe I misunderstood that part of the ad.

It's just another case of a company trying instil some paranoia about our bodies to make money from us. It is a situation where some honesty is going to help. It doesn't matter what shade they are, they're never going to look that nice. You wouldn't have one on display in your house, unless it was in the kitchen and it was a tea towel holder. But that's not to say your partner won't be happy when he or she sees it. No one needs to have a lighter vagina.

I mean lighter as in shade. In term of mass... I met someone once who... well, that's a story for another time.

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