McDonald's Burgers Last Forever?

McDonald's Burgers Last ForeverI'm a firm believer in the maxim "you are what you eat". That's why I'm cheap, greasy and I'll play havoc with your colon. But some news stories make me stop and think about what we're putting inside our bodies.

A man in America has kept a burger he purchased from McDonald's in 1999, and it still looks OK 14 years later. There's no mould, no rotting, and the chemicals and preservatives that they put in those burgers have kept it looking like the first day it was made.

And you know what I think when I look at that? I want more of that in me!

Whatever chemical has stopped that burger ageing over the last decade and a half I clearly don't have enough natural levels of. Compare the 2013 burger with the 1999 burger and it's a little drier. Compare 2013 me with 1999 me and you'd think, "Somewhere in a loft there's a portrait of Steve thinking it dodged a bullet."

The man in question, David Whipple, said he kept the burger for a month to show people how enzymes worked. Then he put it back in the original packaging and forgot about it, as he tossed it to the back of his truck. That's the impressive thing about this story. If I know I have some high calorie food hanging around I can't last ten minutes without eating it.

Whipple now says he is keeping the burger to show his grandchildren and educate them about fast food.

Cut to: A barren wasteland of the future Earth, in the distance we see the ruins of advanced civilisations. All plant-life has been scorched away as the enlarged Sun that fills the sky. The camera moves to show a cockroach hunting for food. It stumbles across the burger. Sniffs. Moves on.

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