Music Is As Good As Sex

Is music better than sexHere's the "science in inverted commas" story of the day:

Canadian researchers have found that listening to music can be as enjoyable as sex.

It can. And I should know, I do a lot of it. I used to do it mainly in the car, but these days it's online. Don't worry, it's not dodgy, I always pay for it.

I also, sometimes, listen to music.

Using MRI scans, they found that areas in the reward centre of the brain - the same part activated when we have sex - became active when people heard a song for the first time.

Oh, so that's only for new music? Eventually after experiencing the same one again and again you get bored and don't enjoy it in the same way? So it really is like having sex.

While talking about this news story with a friend he said, "It must be really weird lying in an MRI scanner trying to enjoy music." Really? And yet you think trying to have sex in there is fine? The chugging of the scanner is like Barry White to you?

This is difficult scientific information to use. I guess all you can do with it is try to listen to more music. It's as enjoyable as sex but in many ways music is better than sex. For example:
It's easier to get hold of.
You can do it on public transport.
Realistically, it's more likely to have Rihanna involved.
You can listen to two songs in a row without the need for a 20-minute break.
If you find one you really like you can recommend it to a friend without society frowning.
And let's be honest, if it's an album track it'll last longer*.

>Read the source story

* Blur's Song 2 was on an album, right?


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