Topless Barbers

A topless barber shop has become a hit in Australia, offering customers to have their haircut done by a barely-clothed female hairdresser.

Tut. I disapprove. I disapprove because this reduces women down to mere objects for men to be pleased by. I disapprove because it potentially exploits women who find themselves in financial trouble. But most of all I disapprove because I'm bald!

The shop called 'Barber Babes', based in Brisbane, has employees wearing just hot pants or underwear. It's an OK name but I think it could've been a better pun. Hairdressers have a tradition of a play on words in their title. "A Cut Above", "British Hairways", "Hairway To Heaven", "The Godbarber". Things like that. So this place could've tried harder.

"Tits and Clips", "Low CUT Tops", "A Little Off The Top", "A Freshly Breast Shirt". OK, that last one would be a naked dry-cleaners. It's worth remembering just in case they diversify.

In addition to haircuts, they offer head massages, eyebrow waxing and blow-dries. And I bet every man who hears that list gets all excited up until the last syllable.

Jasmine Robson, owner of the business, explained that the idea stemmed from her belief that most men find going to a barber inconvenient, and she wanted to provide them an extra incentive to get their hair cut.

From what I remember, getting a haircut isn't that bad. Going to the dentist, that's the one that needs help. No one likes all the drilling and the sounds, but if the dentist leaning over you was giving you a face-full of boob, it could take the edge off.

Yes, that's definitely better. They should close down this place and open up a topless dentists. I'm bald, but I still have my own teeth.

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