Meals On Wheels

Mumbai has a new restaurant called "The Moving Cart". Basically, it's a restaurant in a double-decker bus.

We have something similar over here in London, it's called "the nightbuses". If you get one one of those there's always someone eating some smelly food. And it's odd, in a restaurant food smells like food, but on a bus the same smell is more like what food turns into. There's a fine line between smelling and saying, "Oooh, that smalls yummy." and snffing and saying, "Has someone farted?"

They should do the proper restaurant bus in London, it would be perfect. If it drives too fast it could spill your food, but in London traffic averages 10mph. You could order the piping hot soup and not worry.

If they do it in London I'd go on it and I would order the sea-food option. "Why would you order the seafood?" I hear you ask. So I could put it on my Oyster card.

Thank you, I'm here all week.


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