A Laughing Flashmob

A charity organised a different kind of flashmob in Birmingham, a "laughing flashmob" happened at the Bullring shopping centre. Instead of breaking out into a dance routine, they just burst into laughter.

Hang on. If they can organise a large group of people to go to one venue and laugh a lot they should be in charge of my comedy gigs. I know they're a charity, but if you've seen my act you'd think I was a charity case.

Having a group of people laughing at you is fine in a comedy club, but in a shopping centre it has a different feel. If someone had just stepped out of the changing room and said, "How do I look in this?" before hearing the entire place break into fits of laughter, they could be scarred for life.

Even the security guards were startled at the Bullring shopping centre, not knowing whether to intervene or not. They didn't and everything passed without a problem, and that's why I shouldn't be a security guard. Maybe I watch too much sci-fi but if I saw everyone break into laughter like that I'd drop to the floor and try to stop breathing in whatever toxin The Joker had clearly just pumped into the air conditioning.

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