Woman's Sleep-Eating Ruins Diet

There's a little story that nearly passed me by, the story of a woman who's been getting up to all sorted in the middle of the night. She suffers from parasomnia.

n. Any of several disorders that frequently interfere with sleep.

With a definition like that I think it could include having a day job. But the woman in question was sleep-eating. Lesley Cusack was piling in 2,500 calories a night, and wondered why she was gaining weight.

Sleep-eating is amazing. It combines two of my favourite things, yet when you put them together like that it's a terribly condition. You gain weight, you risk burning the house down (she has eaten fry-ups while zonked) and you don't even remember the joy of filling your face.

Lesley said she doesn't know what she's eating, adding, "I can only tell by the remains in the morning." She's like a low-key werewolf story.

So Lesley has my sympathy, and I was just about to mark this as a story that didn't need to be featured on SomeNews, but then I saw the picture of her in the paper sat in front of a plate of the kind of food she sleep-eats.

sleep eating

Do you see it, at the front of the plate? Beetroot!

If you eat beetroot but don't have any memory of eating it, when you go to the toilet and take a little look in the bowl you'll think you're dying. Forget the parasomnia, the weekly colonoscopies must be taking their toll.

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