Escort's Grave Decision

Bartholomew Church, GoodnestoneThe new Archbishop of Canterbury faces a difficult challenge, how do you make religion appeal to the modern population. Well, it looks like elsewhere in Kent a vicar has stumbled across the solution.

An escort took some publicity photos of herself clambering over gravestones at Bartholomew Church, Goodnestone, Faversham. Because nothing says "boner" like... we'll, maybe that not the angle she was going for.

There's a picture of her on all-fours over a grave and crucifix, so it's more of a Gothic style she's going for. But by using religious symbols in her promotional campaign she's giving publicity to the church. The vicar didn't seem happy that this landed in his lap. Maybe because he thinks if it's in his lap he'll have to stuff a twenty in its suspenders.

Reverend Andy Bawtree pointed out to the Dover Express: "Although God made the human body a beautiful thing, there is a time and a place for it."

Surely he's just upset about the place, not the time. I'm assuming she did the photo-shoot when no one else was using the graveyard. If someone was having a funeral at the time that would've been out of order. No one wants to hear the vicar saying, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust... BOCCE BALLS!"

He added: "I think this is just sad that this young lady has decided to use the church. It's a place of joy and worship."

Hey. She's making ends meet during a difficult time but more importantly she's the only thing actively promoting religion. She's got pictures of your Grade I 15th century listed church on the web. And as part of her job she gets people shouting, "Oh God. Oh God!"

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