The Queen Costs Us More

"The standard of living in the UK is dropping because wages aren't keeping up with the rate of inflation." You may have heard people say that, but good news, I've found that it's not always true.

The Queen has received a £5 million boost in annual funds. That should help her out. I know gas prices have gone up, but jeez!

It's strange to think that if you live off the state and have a spare bedroom the coalition have just cut your housing benefit. But the royal family lives off the state, has loads of spare bedrooms in Buckingham palace but they get millions more.

The monarchy gets the extra cash to carry out official duties, pay staff and maintain royal palaces. So that includes her fee to act in the Olympics mini-Bond film? That makes her one of the highest paid actresses in the UK.

I'm surprised this Government let this happen. If anything else cost that much money they'd try to farm it out to the private sector. We could have a bidding process to see if there's a private business that's willing to be the Queen for less. We could get Dame Helen Mirren for less than half that. And with her you get more bikini shots.

The Sovereign Grant has been set at £36.1 million for the 2013/14 financial year, compared to £31 million allocated during the past year. That's a 16% pay rise. So even the Queen must read the newspapers and think, ""Those ****ing bankers and their ****ing bonuses!"

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