Woman Attends Her Own Funeral

There's a story in the news of Zeng Jia, a Chinese student, who spent her savings buying her own coffin and organising her own wake so that she could attend while she was still alive. Seems like a waste of money but whatever, it's her funeral.

She had an elaborate service complete with flowers, photographers and a full crowd of mourners. It was attended by men in military uniform. Something tells me when it comes to the real one it won't be so fancy. And that's why this is a good idea. If you throw your own funeral you put more effort in and make sure it's a event that fits the life you think you're going to have. I worry that, when I go, my friends and family will plan a small gathering and then a wake with a finger buffet. Tut, I wouldn't be seen dead at a thing like that.

Ms Zeng spent an hour lying motionless in a coffin decorated with flowers, clutching a Hello Kitty doll to her chest as origami doves hung above the casket. She said she wanted to see what her funeral would be like. Sounds like she found out what being a vampire would be like too.

She said: "I wanted to see what people would think of me so I decided to hold my funeral while I could enjoy it." That's the only reason I've wanted to fake my own death, so I could stand at the back of my own funeral and see who cries and who doesn't. And then quickly alter the will accordingly before it's read out.

She insists she has no regrets about the experience, saying: "Experiencing death has made me appreciate life more keenly. I feel so good living after coming out of the coffin."

And another bonus, if someone says, "Oh, her? She'd be later for her own funeral." You can show them the newspaper article proving them wrong.

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