Sheep Rescued From Snowy Death

rescued sheepWith all the bad snow we've had there have been some rather upsetting stories about the animals that were trapped out in it. Sadly many died. But here's a good story.

11 days after the snow fell, farmer Stuart Mactier found one of his sheep buried in it, but still alive. Yey!

And well done to Stuart. It can't be easy to find a sheep, that's coloured white, in snow, that's coloured white. They must be easy to mix up. He probably spent the first 10 days saying, "That's a sheep! No it's snow. That's a sheep! No, it's more snow. That's a sheep! Nah, that's a cloud. I was way off with that one."

In fact, they're so alike, why do we make snowmen when we should be making snowsheep? They'd be easier and way more lifelike. OK, the John Lewis advert would've have been the same.

Stuart was using a digger to recover sheep buried in a huge snow drift on his farm near Newton Stewart when he realised that some of the animals were still alive. I'd hoped something like this would happen. I was thinking, "Those poor animals trapped in the freezing snow. If only they were wearing some sort of thick woolly jumper."

Here's the moment he finds them alive…

I know sheep aren't known for their dramatic flare but they seem very calm about the whole thing. They've just been saved from an icy death and they look up like they were bored. I guess 11 days in freezing snow must leave you pretty chilled.

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