Cerys Dumps Bannerman Over Kids And Clothes

Cerys Matthews has dumped Marc Bannerman. I don't think Ladbrokes has a nightmare over that. But she was talking to the newspapers about why she gave him the old elbow. She said they were mismatched from the start. Well, yeah. You were single and he wasn't. That was quite a big difference. The Catatonia singer dumped Bannerman just before Valentine's day because he could not cope with her responsibilities as a mother. And probably to save herself the stamp. Apparently he also didn't like her clothes. Maybe he was trying to do a Mr Smooth and say, "Hey baby, you know what would make you look better? Taking all those clothes off." But maybe it came out as, "Those rags make you look like a man." It's an easy mistake to make. Cerys also complained that Bannerman's controlling nature made her feel uncomfortable as he insisted on ordering for her in restaurants. He was probably doing that take make sure he only had to buy her the cheapest thing on the menu. Hey, don't judge him, she dumped him before Valentine's and saved herself the stamp, remember.


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