Rihanna's Addiction Problem

Rihanna has said she has a secret addiction. Oh, not another one who's going into rehab?

Well, no. She says she is addicted to 'art'.

And that's as in paintings and such, not some lucky guy who's full name is Arthur.

Do they do rehab for art addiction? Do they send you somewhere where you will be free from any cultured thoughts? Like Swindon?

The R&B star celebrated her recent 20th birthday by snapping up a portrait of reggae singer Bob Marley created by Ronnie Wood, and admits she's now got the canvas-buying bug.

Hey, art addiction is a serious problem. It often starts with friend asking you if you want to try some watercolours, nothing serious. The next thing you know you're into Rembrandt, you're putting up Picassos, and then you find yourself selling your ass for Monet.

(And we end on a pun. Maybe this website is the art rehab she needs.)



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