Lindsay Lohan's Award Shame

What a week Lindsay Lohan has had.

First she's all over the news for posing topless like Marilyn Monroe.

And now she's in the news for being a terrible actress... like Marilyn Monroe.

Li-Lo has set a new record after her latest film won a staggering 8 Golden Raspberry Awards. The Razzies are the opposite to the Oscars, rewarding some of the worst things to come out of Hollywood, and her film "I Know Who Killed Me" is a stinker.

Its never been released here, I don't know, something about the European Court Of Human Rights or something, (but you can get a copy online), surpassed the record seven wins previously held by Battleship Earth and Showgirls.

The film Battleship Earth had it's knockers, well, so did Showgirls in a different way, but they say I Know Who Killed Me is even worse.

I'm not so sure. In an early part of the film you get to see Lindsay Lohan get tortured with a broken piece of glass. Surely worth the admission fee right there.



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