Nell McAndrew Topless Dash

Just spotted this in the news...
Model Nell McAndrew stripped bare to help launch a major fund raising event for cancer research in Regent's Park. The 34-year-old TV presenter braved chilly weather to take part in a naked training session along with women from around the UK.
They had that body paint on painted on like a runners' bib. I wish I could show you the picture here, but let's just say the paint was a little thin. Like a cowboy building who did your spare room.
The event aimed to highlight Cancer Research UK Race for Life 2008, the largest women-only fund raising event in Britain.
It's a brilliant cause and you should sign up to get involved.
But seeing the topless race I think we need to be realistic. If all women did race for life topless they'd raise so much more money. I'm not being cheeky, I mean it. Think of the money Race For life makes and then add to that the money Stringfellows makes. OK, it would be tricky to run the 5k in those heels, but we're talking about saving lives.
And Nell must feel the pressure too. She knows that going topless one that day raised a lot of money. If she walked around topless everywhere think of the money she could raise then.
Every time she slips a top on she must feel a little bit of guilt.
In fact lets add those two points together and say that all the women doing Race For Life should go topless every day. We'd raise so much money we'd cure cancer and be able to go back to trying to cure the common cold.
We'd need to because all those women with no tops on in our weather would need it.



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