The Fake Version Of Jordan

Here's a turn-up for the books (and in a second you'll see why that's a pun).

Jordan fans were upset at her book signing because she refused to pose for photos. And they were asking for just normal photos, nothing specialist. But all she was willing to give them was a scribble and about 30 seconds of facetime (although in that time most of the fans wouldn't be looking at her face). So all these fans were grumpy until a Jordan look-a-like turned up and was far more accommodating.

Her biog "Pushed To The Limit" (which also doubles as a midwifery guide) is out and she was at Waterstones to promote it, but it was the impersonator who got all the praise.

Apparently some of the kids who were there thought Gaby was the real deal. Here's a picture...

...now, if you look at them I don't think you'd mistake them for twins, but from the height of the kids I guess you can't see the face for the knockers so they're easy to mix up.

There's a bit in the newspaper that said: "To some Gaby, 22, looked even more like the Jordan fans had grown to love - as she still has mammoth 32FF boobs, the same as the model's were before her breast reduction."

Well no wonder Jordan was in a mood. If you turned up to work and a younger, fitter version of you was there you'd be in a huff too.

Another good bit in the paper: "Mum Sarah Jones, 33, who brought eight-year-old son Adam to the signing said: 'We queued for three hours and it felt like he had five seconds in front of Jordan.'"

Brilliant. "What should I do with my 8-year-old son today to keep him from getting bored? I know, I'll take him to see a well-known glamour model."

Maybe she's just turning her some into a man who doesn't respect women as a pre-emptive mother-in-law move against his future wife. In that way, it's genius.



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