Prince Harry Fights

So, Prince Harry is fighting with British forces in Afghanistan.

I thought it was like international football, you play for the team of the country your ancestors are from, but I guess Germany don't have a squadron out there at the moment.

Harry's three-month tour has been kept secret as he takes part in the British mission against the Taliban.

I know it was for all the right reasons, keeping Harry out of the news may have saved the lives of him and the people he's serving with, but still, we've not been told about our royalty being at war, but we were kept up to day about Britney's drinking.

The Prince is third in line to the throne and is a second lieutenant in the Household Cavalry.

I bet being in Afghanistan was a shock for him. He's thinking, "Erm, Household Cavalry? Wasn't I supposed to be posted in the Household? I thought I'd be working from home on this one."

He's now the royal who has attacked the most foreigners... since Prince Phillip.



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