Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Her "Pharaoh's Tomb"

Here's an odd one. What would you say is your best feature? You might say your face, or your eyes, or if you're being cheeky you might even say your bosoms. But it's unlikely you'd say your foo-foo unless you were drunk.

But actress Kate Beckinsale says her best asset is so private she can't name it out loud or show it in public.

Britney could, but she couldn't.

Kate said: "Mmmm. My best feature is unfortunately a private matter… I'm told it's spectacular."

Really! How good can it look? Does it make you want to stand flowers in it?

Beckinsale also refers to her nether regions as "Pharaoh's tomb," when she said: "Boyfriends? In my life I have had three. Three! Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh's tomb."

If only three people have seen it how do you know it's a good one? That's hardly a statistically valid sample. Kate, my email's on this blog if you want to send me a jpeg for independent adjudication.

"Pharaoh's tomb" though. That's an odd nickname for it.

I guess it's a "Pharaoh's tomb" as in it's old, dusty, and if they made a film about it I'd watch it.



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