Could You Pass The Salty Tears

I like seasoning and condiments. I have a lot of respect for them. If it wasn't for ketchup most of what I cook would be inedible. Ketchup is the Tippex of my cookery.

But here's the latest worrying development in condiment news. A company in London has made a variety of salts... from human tears.

Well this is perfect. For a while now I've been eating soup and thinking, "This could do with a little more desperation."

And it's not just tears of sadness that are available, you can also get tears collected from humans who were having other emotions.

A range of salts said to be collected from crying humans experiencing a range of emotions. They have harvested tears of laughter and tears of anger. If you want food with a taste of anger go to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

That's kind of gross enough, but they also offer "tears shed while sneezing". This is a health and safety issue. If you want food that someone has sneezed on, go to one of those late night hotdog venders.

A spokesperson said: "Salt Made From Tears combines centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears which are gently boiled, released into shallow crystallisation tanks, then harvested by hand and finally rinsed in brine."

I don't know if this is real, and we might not find out as there was a message on their website saying they have run out of supplies.

Imagine that, you've just made your dinner, you think it needs some salty tears and then you see they're fresh out. You'd get upset. Maybe even cry, and... boom, home-made.

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